What are you looking in particular for a handbag?

  1. When you go scouting for your next handbag, what characteristics are you looking for? Why?
  2. I love handbags which has chains and quilted. Whether it's a Marc Jacobs, Chanel or whatever the brand may be. I am just so into Quilted and Chains!
  3. I love larger handbags with a big shoulder strap to fit comfortably around my arm to fit all my stuff for the day or even part of the day, not to flashy or shiny, classic, plain, but of course designer
  4. Before I got the Chameleon about a month ago, it used to be pockets. A bag just couldn't have too many pockets for me. Now that I use the Chameleon all the time, pockets are completely unnecessary so my next two major criteria are the lightness of the bag (which lets out MJ but not MbyMJ) and a shoulder strap that stays on my slopey shoulder. I took a vow against double straps because 1 usually stays up and 1 usually flops down (how annoying is that!?) but it's difficult because I am attracted to the look of the double strap. No bag that can be only hand held will ever make it to my house. Good thread!
  5. Primarily has to be great leather and fit on my shoulder! Ideally a good closure so if it falls over all my stuff doesn't spill out and ideally an interior pocket of some sort (and an exterior one for my mobile phone and keys is always handy!)
    As cgsprings says - no bag that can ONLY be hand held will make it into my house either!
  6. Oh yeah, I used to go with black and white.. so that I can use with all my colorful outfits1

    black for my dark outfits and white for my light colored outfits!
  7. I go for a lot of factors:
    - versatile: can go with a lot of different oufits from work to casual, unless I'm looking for an evening bag
    - color: I stay mostly with black and chocolate browns, for the above reason but there's always room for an exception
    - great quality with stitching, heft, zipper or snap closures, material, lining, etc.
    - easy to get in and out of
    - has a cell phone inside pocket
    - looks good on me proportionately
  8. First of all it has to SPEAK to me! Sounds bizarre but I have to be drawn to a bag.
    I like bigger bags and they have to be multi functional - so they can be worn on the shoulder, in the crook of the arm or handheld.
    A lot of my bags are handheld - that's probably my favourite style.
    Musts are: leather, squashy (can't stand frames or structured), not shiny, inside pocket, good clasp - either flap over or zip.
  9. I have an agenda of different colours! Currently I want to find one bag in fuchsia, one bag in deep and bright blue, and one bag in darker grey.

    Secondly, I have certain classic shapes I want to own, like Chanel 2.55 and LV Alma.

    But of course, practical value is always criteria to take into account.
  10. I have the following criteria:

    The bag must be made of good quality, squishy leather. The only exception to this is LV. I like monogram canvas.

    The bag must have straight stitching with no bumpy spots or loose stitches.

    The bag must have an inside zipper pocket that has a metal zipper. I hate plastic zippers. They always break on me. No plastic zippers anywhere on the bag! I also prefer that the zipper inside be trimmed with leather. Pulling the zipper open and shut can cause the lining to tear over time if there's no leather trim.

    The bag must have good quality hardware. Nothing flimsy or cheap looking. I prefer solid brass.

    I prefer if the bag is made somewhere in Europe or the United States. I have nothing against products that are made in, say, China. However, I find it ridiculous how some companies have outsourced their labor to China where the labor is cheaper and then jacked up their prices (Coach, I am looking in your direction...).
  11. first of all the design and leather quality which goes side by side, i currently in love with leathers only :p

    and i'm also particular in the handle, the size, the shape.

    and it needs to be BIG :p
  12. Hmm... I might go on forever with this list haha
    - The style
    - The colour (whether I had one before or whether it would go with my clothes)
    - The quality of the leather
    - How the style fits on me when I put it on
    - The price
    - THE WEIGHT! (Especially after I put all my junk in) I don't want a bag that gives me backpain!
  13. lightweight
  14. My three points I look for in a potential bag are
    1 - Its gotta be leather
    2- A single strap if possible
    3- Simple design with one 'feature'on it
  15. To further comment on this:

    Net-a-porter has such a nice feature using which one can browse for bags in certain colour. I use it very frequently! When I am looking for a blue bag, I check all blue bags from all designers, and so forth. :p

    I just wish all net stores would have this feature implemented.