What are you guys looking forward this coming Lenten Season?

  1. I don't know if your countries have the same holiday as I do.. But here in Hong Kong we have a long weekend which is from tomorrow till Tuesday..
    What are you guys looking forward this coming holy week??
  2. For me, I'm a Roman Catholic and Lenten Season is a good time to do abstinence or penitence! This is to give up something you like to be an offering to what happened to Jesus Christ!
    For me.. I'm going to be away for a while from work (since it's a holiday) and so, no TPF forum for me for almost a week! I've been addicted to the forum ever since I got here so I'm going to sacrifice my being active for a while sometime this week.. (starting tomorrow)
  3. big weekend here in england too. come from a v v catholic family (italian roots) so no meat for me over the weekend and nothing to eat during the day tomorrow. im also supposed to abstain from shopping!!!! doubt that will happen
  4. I'm a non-practicing Catholic, so I don't give up anything for Lent.

    But I'm looking forward to Easter. I'm going over to my aunt's house on Saturday and staying over. My mom says Easter is very important to my aunt.