What are you going to buy w/your PCE??

  1. Hey everyone,
    I thought I would start a new thread considering I haven't gotten a PCE card before, but will be getting mine by next Wed at the latest... Just wondering what everyone plans on getting...??? I was thinking on getting a Camel Lily or else a Khaki/chocolate Carly... what do all of you think??? :smile:
  2. Either the tattersall tote & accessories OR heritage tote & accessories!!! Maybe a pair of sunnies too!!! Oh and something for my nieces b-day!
  3. haha tiki... i know, decisions decisions! SO HARD!! :flowers: I like the tattersall AND the heritage... get both! haha... I'm thinking about sunglasses too... :graucho:
  4. I won't get both..... I am considering a slim carly in silver/black/white though!
  5. Okay..I am getting...ready? lol
    XL Heritage Satchel in white
    Medium Patent Ergo in brown
    Tortoise Lexi Sunglasses
    The new Scribble flip flops
    Some Scarves (older ones)
    I think that is it for now.....
  6. P.S. I have about $650 worth of credit so don't worry I'm not going broke! lol
  7. I don't know what to get yet!!

    I'm thinking about the XL heritage tote... Platinum Bridgit, Tattersall Travel Tote, Patent Legacy Wallet (in Teal or Purple)... I know I am getting the heritage Swing Pack for Baseball games.

    I am also ordering the Strawberry Keyfob and new Legacy ponytail scarf if I can

    I am going tomorrow.. I can't wait!!!!
  8. lol ash... I was gonna say! well at least you have a credit, i for one have to pay it all out of my own pocket... the PCE card helps, but not THAT much...
  9. ooo... all your choices sound so great tara...i can't wait to see pics on what you end up buying... the tattersall travel tote is so adorable... and i love the strawberry keyfob! cute choices! :tup:
  10. Ya I usually pay out of pocket but I had gotten gifts and returned them for credits. I am so excited! I can't wait to get the satchel now!
  11. I still don't know what I want to get... I'm really thinking about getting the camel lily in the medium... another gal had poster hers on a thread and everytime I look at it I fall in love with it especially cuz of the wonderful scarf that she put on it... :drool:
  12. I just bought the blue limitted edition Miranda and now I want the blue and beige scarf print tote. I'm a sucker for any of the scarf prints.
  13. I want a Lily also but I want to wait and see what other colors and materials come out. I would love a Lily! That is why I love the XL satchel because it has the details and double zipper like the Lily but I think it looks better and is cheaper! Lily will be on my list for the March PCE!
  14. I held the new scarf print shoulder tote in the store this is one bag that is not on my list. I was wearing a sweater and when I took off the bag there was black lint from my sweater all over the part that touched my body. The fabric is different from last years and I really dislike this years which makes me so sad because I LOVE scarf bags.
  15. haha, we are totally on the same page ash... we must have similar interest in bags!! yeah I love the lily, it is TDF!!! I was hoping it comes out in other colors (preferably a similar color to that Atlantic color... wow that color is amazing, if it came out in that, I'd buy that in a heartbeat!)... i know that it came out in that canvas, but I'm not too thrilled on the canvas lily, I want an all leather one... I just called my local COACH store, they have the camel lily there so I can check it out IRL... i think i'm gonna have to take a gander tomorrow!! :yahoo: