What are you eating?

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  1. can you tell I'm bored?

    Ok, me first:

    Vanilla frosting. Right out of the jar. yummmm!
  2. ^^^ hahaha!! I just ate an easter egg... it's like the supply of them just never ends!!
  3. I'm not eating anything right now (I'm sitting here at work with a cup of tea), but I'd love to dip into that vanilla frosting too.
  4. I'll share! :flowers:
  5. Jasmine green tea...drinking, not eating...but I'll take some frosting!!! :tup:
  6. a scone with big chunks of cheese and chives in it!! So good and bad for me!!
  7. i m actually eating BBQ chips and some cold tea drink...not good...
  8. I just had some diet coke.
  9. Can this be moved to the Kitchen sub-forum?
  10. LOl...cute thread! I love these random threads! They are so fun!

    I just had a tomato/basil/mozerella/olive oil wrap for lunch...and now I'm drinking some yummy coffeeeee!!!
  11. Veggie delight 6 inch from subway, yum
  12. Cheerios :smile:
  13. Ice water!:P
  14. Nothing, sadly..Im hungry! Lucky you with your frosting, I want some!
  15. Ritz crackers!