what are you dreaming about?

  1. So girls, what can't you keep off your mind these days? For me, it's always something (usually something'S, lol). Right now I am wishing for a black caviar clutch and the medium white washed caviar flap with MM lock and new chain. Tell me what you're thinking of...hopefully it will just cure my curiosity, not make my wantlist get even longer! :okay:
  2. black Chanel PST or tote and a Prada gauffre in brown....yum!
  3. Reissue in metallic black or dark silver 227 size.
  4. don't know the style but a chanel in a blue mettalic python with the double cc's medallion ... or the lucky charms one ...
  5. 2005 reissue in black or grey
  6. Dark Silver Reissue in 226 (but I musn't, I musn't)
  7. metallic black reissue 227. Also, would love the new modern chain and the new expandable. So many choices, so little money.:crybaby:
  8. The alligator tote on Chanel.com. :love: At something like $46K that's really dreaming for me...
  9. Is this the one that chag just posted??? If so, I want it too!
  10. dark silver reissue in 226 as well! and the black pst with zippered top.
  11. red CROC classic flap...=)
  12. Modern chain w/e tote in black and baby cabas
  13. :heart:large black cerf tote...
  14. J12:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  15. still this .....