What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***

  1. Ohhh I love this one! Perfect blend of book + bag :heart:
  2. Already posted this today in the BV subforum action thread before I saw this thread, but it was taken with instagram so I guess it counts :biggrin: Running errands today in NYC with my large ebano belly veneta. Holds everything yet light as a feather ;)
    Picture 1.png
  3. Love!
  4. Speedy 30 DA with coach key ring :smile: ready for warmth in Philly! :biggrin:
  5. And carrying today..
  6. Just had to show this one too bc I LOVE the color. Kate Spade Small Maryanne in mid teal ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365023562.424107.jpg
  7. It's a beautiful color. I bought a KS satchel in that same color this past Christmas for my daughter.
  8. Wow! Gorgeous bag! Love that!
  9. It is beautiful, perfect for warm weather :biggrin:
  10. Pretty :heart:
  11. love the color !!!

  12. Love that denim dress!!
  13. Oh thanks! It's from a company called Brooklyn Industries here in NYC. It was pretty cheap too :smile:
  14. My newest one, LV petit bucket
  15. My LV Sully mm :smile: