what are these bags called?

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  1. hi... i'm looking for a bag, don't know what it's called, it's with the 2 handle bars then has this long strap if you want to wear it as a messenger... i see a lot of ppl using them, just wondering what kind of brands have this kind of bag? ok thanks :smile:
  2. Satchels and Totes, even Clutches, that have multiple carry options are called 'Convertible'.
  3. you can buy convertible bags just about anywhere. It's not a certain designer or anything. They are just called convertible bags just like Totes, Hobos, Shoulder bags, etc. You can probably walk into any retail store that sells handbags and buy yourself a convertible bag.
    If you are looking for a certain color, material, and price range, It would be a lot easier to help you find something that you may like.
  4. I'd love some suggestions for a convertible bag that has a longer messenger strap that I can wear cross-body. Prefer black or brown, medium sized, and leather. Outside pockets are a must. Soft, smooshy leather is best :smile: And around the $100 price mark. Is there such a thing?