What are the uses of an agenda without the insert

  1. I am dying to use my agenda. It is a GM with zip in barenia. Got the refill for 2008 but still have to wait 4 months and my local store does not have any plain paper insert!:sad:

    Please give me some ideas so I can start using it instead of taking it out from my bedside table and take a sniff before I sleep.
  2. Keep your notes in it? It has the lil pockets in it right?
  3. Yes Nola, there are 3 slots for credit cards and two side pockets.
  4. cut up some plain paper so it's the same size as the insert and get one of those thingies to punch holes into it? i did that with my filofax when i ran out of plain note paper inserts and i was nowhere near a store that sold them.
  5. Does Hermes.com deliver to your location? If so, they will be able to track down the insert for you.
  6. Use it as a wallet, or as a card-carrying alternative to your wallet for all your extra namecards/discount cards etc
  7. Checkbook cover, receipt storage and I bought inserts that fit from my local stationary store until the real deal arrived from Hermes.com.
  8. passport holder?
  9. Thanks Nola, Sputnik, CynthiaNYC, Pyrexia, S'Mom and Tokyogirl!

    I put passport in the agenda and took it out for the first day. There is no reason for me to bring my passport along (my next flight should be end of theis year!) but it just make me feel less stupid than bringing an empty agenda.
  10. Why don't you go to a normal paper store and ask them if they have an insert - they might have.
  11. Thanks Hello. This place I live is having more casinos than stationary shops
  12. I use my Vision II zip as a wallet! And it suits me right down to the ground.

    After fussing with every single wallet in H, I decided I can work the most ladylike bag in the joint, if my "wallet" is rough and tumble! ;)

    Here's how I use mine! (edited out the checkbook and cards, of course...) I keep my blackberry in it too. My DH picked the colour, BJ and it's in Epsom.
  13. Angelfish, if I ever see the style of agenda that you have, I would have chosen it over mine. Love yours with the inside pocket.
  14. You're sweet, thank you! Poor S.A. had me there forever trying each one out. It must have drove her nuts but she was real sweet about it :smile:
  15. Staples has tons of different size inserts...i almost like their calendars better anyway lol.