what are the overrated movies in ur opinion?

  1. i think it's 2 of the latest sofia coppola, lost in translation adn marie antoinette.
    also quentin tarantino's kill bill, his previous movies are good, but it's been going downwards ever since IMO.
    also babel.
  2. The Departed wasn't one of Scorcese's best films, IMHO. He should have won an oscar for Goodfellas.
  3. I didn't like Pirates of the Carribean and don't get all the hype.:shrugs:
  4. I agree with Lost in Translation.
  5. me too...also star wars and lord of the rings.
  6. yes! i agree with all of these, except i did like departed (tho i never saw goodfellas). signs was totally overrated. everyone was raving about it at the time. i saw it, and was just like, wow. that was a total waste of time.
  7. Def. Pirates of the Caribbean and Braveheart.
  8. the departed was... hmmm ok, but as it was made from a hongkong movie, it seems like scorcese run out of idea to make a new film? :p
  9. Phew.. pretty much agree with most opinions. Babel and Lost in Translation.. I just don't see the greatness in them. I almost fell asleep during both of them. And Signs, and The Village, and Sixth Sense, and anything by that director.

    I do love Kill Bill though. Especially part 2! It's hilarious. Or maybe my sense of humour is a little messed up?
  10. I'd have to say "Babel"....I just didn't get what was so GREAT about it. I do have to say though that I am a big fan of "Lost in Translation" though! :yes:

  11. lol I love POTC, LOTR, and Star Wars

    The Departed-- I was so pumped for an excellent movie, but at the end I was just left thinking wtf?
  12. Signs and Napoleon Dynamite
  13. LOTR eeeek, scary movies, jack ass, harry potter, star wars, eeek... all M. knight Shyamalan
  14. ^^
    couldn't agree more~
    my roommate made me watched the original version, the name is "Infernal Affairs" (Hong Kong), and i have to admit, that was better, IMO~:shrugs:

    for some reason Babel kinda reminds me of Crash but not as well presented...
  15. All of the LOTR movies.