What are the odds of Miu Miu going on sale?

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  1. Y'all, I want this bag so bad:


    Should I just go freakin buy the thing? Seriously, what are the odds of this bag going on sale? I have it bookmarked and check it all the time, but I've seen no relief yet. I'm relatively new to this, I could really use your expertise, ladies. Thanks!
  2. If you can stand the wait, try waiting another month or so. It's from the spring collection, so chances are it could still go on sale.
  3. REALLY? OH GOODY! Thanks so much!
  4. i have a feeling a lot of the miu miu bags are going to go on sale.

    every department store that stocks them seems to have SOOO many. i find it hard to believe they'd hold to so much stock when they have to make room for new stuff.
  5. I've been feindishly checking. I really want the Calfskin Shoulder Bag in Black, if anyone sees it. They have it in gold and black at NM.com.

    I'm going out of town this weekend and I'm nervous that they're going to go on sale while I'm away from my computer. AT LEAST WAIT A WEEK!