what are the H bags that grow on you.

  1. Constance and JPG Birkin

    These are bags that I didn't like right off the bat -- I thought Constance was a bit "stiff" looking and the JPG Birkin too LOOOONG. But they are now bags that are definitely on my future purchase list...

    What are the H bags that you didn't like first, but you have grown to like (or love?) over time?!
  2. Massai!!!!!!!!! Some reason, I look funny with it...It looks great on other people. But I am definetly interested in it...

    AND trim bag! I don't now which one is better one to get first...
  3. aspenmartial, I definitely have my eye on the Massai too! I saw somebody post the photo of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy with it and it looked stunning. But definitely that is a bag that looks better on other people than me.
  4. I agree with Aspen, i was not a fan of trim,but it is on my top5 list now!
    Just as Kelly!i got great points from everyone and now i feel like it is a MUST HAVE item.
  5. Um... Himalaya? Just kidding!
  6. Hmmm what is the massai?? I didn't care for the bolide with the patch on it (regular)...and now I own one 7 mos. later...go figure lol! I'm not a huge croc fan but sometimes I flutter over one....
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Actually, you are right, I initially thought the patch on the Bolide was kind of strange looking :P But now I am a huge fan of the Bolide!
  9. shoes319: Your new Bolide is such a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: I still go back to tFS forum to just look at your pictures!
  10. The birkin brought me to Hermes...there is something about the PB that I quite like...I am looking foward to seeing the medium size bag...

    I agree about the picture of CBK with the massai...gorgeous!
  11. My name is Archivaldo Im from Buenos Aires ,Argentina and Im a Hermes lover and a designer of handbags of exotic skin like cocodrile thats my first message and is a little short but Im very happy of being a purse blog member
    My best whishes for all the members
    Au revoir for the land of tango
  12. Hi, Archivaldo,

    Welcome to the tpf!

    Buenos Aires Hermes store has been a recent topic of discussion here. I understand that it has an abundance of bags! Lucky you!

    With your background, I am sure you will have a unique perspective on H bags which we look forward to hearing.
  13. i've been liking the constance - esp. in lizard skin.
  14. Bolide. It has totally grown on me over the last few months.
  15. Welcome Archivaldo!!!

    I must say that the Constance has really grown on me. I just did not appreciate its beauty at first, but now, I love it.
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