what are the colour that available with GGH in this S/S 2010?

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  1. After I've read the thread from Chloeglamour
    I've decided to get one bag in GGH
    So, here is my question ...
    What are the colour that available in GGH in this season (S/S 2010)?

    Thank you so much wonderful ladies!
    : )
  2. On balenciaga.com I have seen a baby blue work with GGH, black work With GGH, and a LE Gray with GGH city. That is what I have seen so far as of today. Hope this helps.
  3. LE GRAY? Hmmmm... does anybody know which gray is this?
  4. ^^Maybe anthra?
  5. Gray with GGH?? Why, Bal, why? Gray should come with SGH... how frustrating
  6. Maybe limited grey is the stardust?
  7. According to balenciaga.com, the work with ggh is available in black, baby blue, and anthracite. City with ggh is available in black. That's it so far, but there may be more as the spring bags continue to trickle out to stores.
  8. I remember seeing a Sang GGH on this forum a few weeks back
  9. yes according to my SA IN MILAN