What are the chances these are from Shirise?

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  1. On top of that, why do sellers always say bags or colors are sold out when they are not?
  2. ^ totally agree with you, chigirl... this seller only thinking about making profit...
  3. Finally bags go on sale at a more affordable price and they're bought up in multiples to sell at original retail again. I guess lurking on the board pays off for some who are here just to make a buck. Totally legal, but it's just too bad for those who really wanted to buy bags for themselves but missed out for this reason.
  4. Ugh, I wholeheartedly agree. I can understand if they bought a bag and then had second thoughts and could not return it, but I have a feeling they bought it only to resell. Unfair for those that really wanted it and could have gotten in for 50% off. :rant:
  5. it bothers me a lot too, and yes- I wish it would've gone to a PFer that would've used/loved it.
  6. so i am not crazy? thanks. i was really upset when i saw these auctions. this has done nothing to boost her reputation on this board.
  7. Is the seller member of this forum?
  8. i wanted a shrug but when i called during the shirise 50% off it was sold out your right chigirl it should have gone to a pfer who wanted it for themselves and not for resale
  9. and she just posted another bag. not a shrug, but a hook tote bag.
  10. oh this is the same seller, hgbags? there was issues about her selling fakes ive read that thread before
  11. i totally agree with you, chigirl. these should have gone to someone who was a true fan and would appreciate them... not to someone out to make a profit. it's a damn shame. :rant:
  12. The hook totes were on sale also? I was interested in a hook tote but didn't want to pay full price due to the leather. So now, she's selling one for OVER original retail! There's a bag I'm sure she won't be sending the receipt with. :censor: She never would have known about it if chigirl hadn't posted to help the members out.
  13. I agree. It's also pretty silly - since all of us knew about the Shirise sale, and the great prices they were offering on the bbags, especially the shrugs!