What are other people's reactions

  1. to your bags?

    I'll admit...I stress about money (that's just me. I'm frugal and sometimes I enjoy it. It's almost a thrill to say "well I got the same thing for 1/2 price). My husband just recently landed a really good paying job...close double what he was making at his old job. I'm a thrifty person, my Ali will be my second Coach bag and I got both on eBay. I sold my other bag when I was done with it.

    Anyway...I've had some friends make comments like "I'd never spend that much on a bag" or "must be nice" etc. True...$200+ on a handbag is a lot but you know I rarely spend money on myself and this is my thing. I know woman would spend HUNDREDS on clothes or shoes or scrapbooking stuff. For one friend it was nothing to put up $300 for a camera. I mean to each their own you know. This is my thing.

    I just wish people would quit acting like I'm being snobby. I LOVE purses, designer or otherwise. I love New York & Co bags, Target stuff, Old Navy etc. I by no means use it as a status symbol. I just feel judged I guess...like they think I'm spoiled and that's far from true.

    I shouldn't worry about it but it just annoys me a little because I'm so not like that you know, I don't have to have name brands it just so happens that my tastes end up being expensive lol.
  2. Hmmm... I get compliments on my coach and dooney stuff... whenever I wear my gucci or prada (I only have one gucci small bag and a prada beach bag I got at the outlet), I get asked if they're "real", which annoys the crap out of me.

    (a) get a clue. and (b) I don't believe in fakes because as a writer, they're like plagarizing someone else's writing. Nuff said.
  3. I know what you mean. It is nice having nice things and whenever I am confronted with a decision whether or not I like something the best, I always know the end result will be that the one that I like the best will always be the most expensive. As far as reactions go, I know what you mean but not about my bags because I rarely get comments on them, even my legacy pieces but I know what you mean because of DH car. People see his BMW and think we have money but it was his dream car that he bought right before we got together and ended up getting married and having our kids. It is a beautiful car but it kind of annoys me that people think we have a lot of money when we obviously do not ! His car was pretty much paid for so we would have lost money if we sold so we just kept it and it is the thing that makes him happy. He is also very happy that I am not interested in driving it, as it is a standard and I don't feel confident enough to drive it so I don't even bother.
  4. Oh, and that wasn't directed at you. Sometimes "tone" is missing from posts. My "tone" (or my "attitude") was directed at the clueless chumps who ask me! :smile:
  5. you sound like a total sweetheart and I am so happy for you and your dh with his new job!! :yahoo: You deserve those things and like you said you don't have a ton of them sitting around.. and even if you did, if you have the money and that is what you choose to spend it on.. that is up to you! Wear them proud girl!!!! ;)
  6. It still blows my mind that people ask this ! I have yet to encounter this and I live in Boston where there are a lot of rude people, oh duh I just noticed your name so you must live in Boston too lol !
  7. My Coach collection is very very small. I have one Hampton Satchel, one skinny mini, one wristlet Tote, and one Gallery Tote (that I have not used and thinking of selling). I consider my Hampton bag my fall/winter bag and one heart keyfob. I want to get a spring summer bag and one swingpack.

    My mother thinks I am nuts and scared I am going to spend my life savings on COACH. My sister encourages me...in fact we are going to the outlet to buy me a bag.

    The women I work with..most think I am nuts. A few love my bags.

    My son -- well as he said " I don't get it they all hold money the same way..why do you need Coach"

    I love my bags. and I know I will have them for a LONG LONG time. In fact I sold my first bag and first wristlet to fund some of my other things. I don't need a closet full.

    some ask me if they are fake. I work part time as a cashier and I am always checking out people's bags. Man I am getting good at the fakes. I spotted a GOACH today.
  8. My friends like my bags. Co-workers are haters. I really think they are jealous because what's it to them if my bags are expensive?
  9. I'm kind of on the reverse side... My closest girlfriend is from a family of far more circumstance than mine. Everything she has is bigger and "better" than mine. My engagement ring is 2 carats, hers is 4.5, I get a new Coach bag, she gets a new Chanel.

    I don't understand why she'd spend 2g on a clutch and some people don't understand that I'd pay a couple hundred on a Coach bag. But I'm happy with what I buy and she's happy with what she buys.

    I'm not jealous (okay maybe a little) ... but at the end of the day there is always going to be someone who questions why you spend X amount on something you love. And it's my opinion that it doesn't matter. Get what makes you happy and forget what everyone else thinks... even if that means LOVING name brands!
  10. some people collect stamps, some people collect coins....i collect expensive designer handbags...to each his own :smile:

  11. Thank you! You do too :yes:

    I'm so glad I found this forum, people who understand the obsession. I guess I just get slightly annoyed at people who prejudge you by what you have.

    Perhaps I should be flattered because I'm sure a tad bit of it is steming from slight jealousy lol.
  12. I have always had positive reactions to my bags from my friends and co-workers. Now my mom gets this attitude...it's like I don't need to be spending my money on "insert luxury item here" yet when I do she is the first one to say she wants it. I think green is her color.

    I'm single, no kids, house and car is paid for, money is being put into retirement each pay period...if I want to wear ripped up jeans with tank tops and carry a nice bag...well I will! :p
  13. i have had a few friends say neg things. i dont bother pointing out that i wouldnt spend my $ on booze or cigs.
  14. None of my close friends or family say anything negative to me about my bags, but I have noticed people giving me looks in my classes. It used to bother me, but now I don't really care because if they're going to judge me by what I LIKE, they're not worth it.
  15. The bags I usually wear aren't immediately noticeable as an expensive designer bag by most people. It's not like a Coach, Dooney or Chanel...most people know those brands and know the price of each of those brands! Even though I think it is none of anyone's business what you spend your money on, it would bug me if people made comments about it. I think it is rude to comment on someone's choices, unless you are being positive. I am sure some of my friends think I am nuts for spending so much on Marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B., but they never say anything nasty. As for strangers....most don't know what my MJ's cost, so they don't say anything, thank goodness.