What are normal CL euro prices?

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  1. Hello Ladies!
    I used to only hang out at the Louis Vuitton subforum, but especially since two months or something I just CANNOT get away from all the beauuuutiful CL's here!! I'm in love!
    I know most of you are from the USA but I do hope my question will make some sense. I wanted to ask this for a week or two now but I'm afraid it will sound stupid so I didn't dare to post it, but I hope I won't sound like an idiot!! :sweatdrop: (I also tried the search function but couldn't find anything useful)
    So the deal is, I'm from Holland and would reaaally like to buy myself a pair of CL's, but I thought I would have to go to France, Germany or the UK for that. Thankfully, about 1.5 month ago a shoe store in Amsterdam finally decided it would be a GREAT idea to start selling CL's, YAYYYY!! I haven't seen them yet because from where I live it takes more than an hour to travel there, but I want to save up money and then go there!

    The problem is, I don't know how long I would have to save up money because I have absolutely no idea what the Euro prices are for Louboutins! I've been looking at net-a-porter and nordstrom websites but if I would convert the prices from dollars to euros I'm not sure if it would be accurate because of the strong euro currency as of lately. And also, as I have learned from Louis Vuitton items, the price gets higher when you're further away from the source, for example a Speedy would cost 430 euros in France, and perhaps 440 in Belgium, and 450 in Holland. So I thought it wouldn't make sense to compare it to American prices!

    So to all you CL lovers in Europe, can you tell me what price ranges the CL shoes are in?
    I'm a student and only make 300-ish euros a month with a weekend job and I have to pay for all sorts of things with that (slow saving process!!) so I really wouldn't buy an expensive 1200 euros pair of CL boots, I tried saving up a little already so knowing prices would make it easier to calculate if I could buy CL's next month or :tdown:next year:tdown:.

    I've been thinking of Simples / New Simples, Clichys, Declics, Very Prives, Ron Rons, Insectikas, I figured those prices wouldn't be in a very large range from each other. So if anyone's willing to share some euro prices it would be really helpful.
    Euro prices would be great but I think British Pounds would also be really helpful because the euro-pound currency hasn't been fluctuating all that much and we're only one small sea away from eachother.

    Pff, I really hope this makes sense!:confused1:
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. ^^There's a UK site for Net-A-Porter. It's completely different from the US site, and the prices are completely different as well, not just dollars converted to euros.
  3. Last time I was at the CL store in London the prices were:-
    Simples in patent 70mm 300 pounds
    Yoyos in kid leather 85mm 310
    Very Prive in patent (can't remember the heel height -sorry) 410
    http://www.pamjenkins.co.uk/louboutin-shoes.html this link is for a boutique in Edinburgh which stocks CLs. There are some different styles with prices in pounds.
  4. hi shesaiddestroy,
    I'm from Belgium and like the Netherlands, there is finally a store who sells louboutins here :yahoo:. They didn't had much louboutins yet. I was a bit early, most of the shoes have yet to come in. But I couldn't resist buying my first ones already :P. I bought the bleu glittart decolletes for 410 €. (pics are definitely coming;)!). I'll keep you informed when I get more info and prices...
  5. Thank you so much, those websites were really helpful!
    And Leslie I love the decolletes (but don't know if I'm able to walk in them!), great choice! And 410 Euro isn't bad, I really thought I would have to spend 700 euros! Thank you for letting me know, I think I'll go on CL hunt in a month (or maybe two)!!
  6. I thought exact the same!! The louboutins were the only shoes that didn't had a price on them in the store. and mostly when there's no price... expect the worse. But thank god it was "only" 410€. so me verrrrry happy :graucho:!
    ps I thought it was like my rock&republic jeans - they were 400-ish euro retail (luckely I bought them on sale) and I saw them on eluxury.com for 200-ish dollar!! those european prices are really insane!
  7. R&R for 400 euro? Jeeeeez....I got all mine for $80-$100 at the R&R warehouse sale.
  8. :wtf: I need to go to the USA!!!!!:wtf:
  9. Oooh Rock & Republic for 400 Euro? I'm not surprised. All American jean brands are marked up ridiculously in Europe. I've seen Seven for all Mankind for $143 USD in the United States, but be 143 POUNDS in England.

    Net-A-Porter.com ships all over, so look there. Also, to reiterate, Luisa Via Roma is fabulous and so is Browns Fashion. Matchesfashion.com is also a good site for Louboutin, but it's a British site.
  10. When I lived in Holland, I bought mine from MyTheresa (link already posted) - they were great. Also, I think luisaviaroma.com sells Loubs now. I'm pretty sure that NAP (UK) has a € option on their site.

    Edit: lol, oops, LVR link already posted.