What accessories came in pond...

  1. Wallets, wristlets? Did they come in Pond color? Are they still able to be ordered? Anyone have style numbers so maybe I could call Coach & see if they have any? I have the shoulder zip 10328 in Pond & I would like an accessory. Thanks if anyone can help!
  2. i know the wristlet did. probably the french framed wallet, too.
  3. The Legacy French Purse came in POND, style 40208. There's one for sale on eBay, #230147841800. I'm not sure if this color is style available in JAX. You should call 800-444-3611 for product information.
  4. Thanks, anyone know the # for the wristlet?
  5. I saw the french purse wallet at the outlet on Saturday.
  6. I tried to buy the wristlet for the PCE (in pond) and it was sold out.:sad:
  7. I also saw the pond french wallet at the outlet on Monday!