What about violet?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Just a quick question - exactly what do BalNY call violet? I wanted to preorder, so I emailed Crystal, and she sent me the form for the LE magenta. Which made me think about getting it (but I find the city too small). I really want a violet work though - do they call that 'grape'? Just wanted to make sure I got the right one!!:smile:
  2. Yes, someone recently posted that they are calling it 'grape.' :yes: Are you getting RH or GH?
  3. Yea! Another violet/grape waitlist member! Or are you actually pre-ordering w/credit card info? What are you getting?
  4. I said purple/violet and the SA knew exactly what color I wanted. Mmmmm.... at least I thought she did.:shrugs:
  5. U mean there is a form for pre-order those new season bags? I also have the intention to waitlist for the violet (grape) or jaune (yellow)......anyway, any idea if they accept pre-order thru email? i mean i've been emailing to them but always no response from them esp i'm out of US....sigh
  6. Hey Celia as far as pre order goes I think you usually give them a ring and give them cc number and when the bag comes in they charge your card and ship it out to you, UNSEEN!!! I think this is ok if you dont mind what you get but I always like to pick which one I want from the selection available as everyones taste is different. I am happy to sit on a waitlist and see what im getting.
    Btw it isnt long now is it??????????????
  7. Thanks pinkchriste22! in other words, i need to call them to ask them to put me on waitlist. Like u say, not sure if the waitlist is long.....:wtf: :wtf: