what about rereleased envelope plates?!

  1. any word on this yet? Word on the vernis hearts gives me hope!
  2. LOL aarti...I did not hear anything about that when I was there yesterday!
  3. ^^ aww. So then its a no go then?
  4. I don't know....I'll try to remember to ask when they call me (they're supposed to call me as soon as they get good info on the LVOE2 totes)!
  5. are the envelope plates really all gone? Darn! was hoping to get one in pomme...
  6. now THAT I would buy in amarante ....
  7. i should have bought that white plate. i almost bought a rabbat multicles just bc the shape was so similar and utilitarian, but the vernis really made that shape pop!
  8. I just purchased a perle one off of eBay. The buy it now price wasn't that bad ($445). I have been calling 866 vuitton for the longest time to see if there were any left. None left here in the states. I can't wait to get it.
  9. i guess the hearts sold better, but they may decide to make it later one. i'd definately get one tooo but then, i'd rather have more hearts lol