What about Multicolor black belt?

  1. Hi girls

    this post is to ask your opinions about the Multicolor belt, especially in the black version. How do you wear it? What don't you like with it? Do you think it's something "too much"?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! :yes::heart:
  2. I dont think its too much at all! I think its a lovely belt, that will add spunk to any outfit! It would look beautiful with some jeans, and a white t-shirt.
  3. Does the coloured logos rub off easily?
  4. wes, sure!!
    i think that belt is really cute and the black multicolore really goes with everything!obviously i would avoid to match white and black multicolor.....i wear my bandeau with a black handbag and red or white shoes...that's just perfect IMO!:heart::queen:
  5. it's juts my personal opinion, but i never liked a belt filled with logo :P
  6. I never wear my black mc belt with my match bag, that would be too much. I am definitely a jeans girl.
    Do you think this looks tacky? I hope not....
  7. I am a HUGE black multicolor fan :yahoo:But not as a belt...it's just too much and doesn't look good IMO.
  8. I dont think it looks tacky AT ALL!
  9. Thanks for the confirmation luckylacoste. I think the mc belt adds a bit of color and FUN to a plain outfit.
    I also have the thin monogram belt which I love.
  10. I think your belt looks cool! I really like it! When you say the thin one, you mean the one that closes in a classical way without the written Vuitton etc, right?
  11. I think that a belt looks not too much if compared to the Multi Speedy, don't you think?
    Multicolor is particular so not everyone likes it IMO :yes:
  12. i don't think it;s look tacky vixy... it looks good on you :P
    but personally i'm a big wide plain leather belt girl...
  13. I personally think that it's too much...
  14. :shrugs: I don't really see belts and bags as comparable items.

    Of course not everyone is going to like multicolor...but it doesn't bother me. I'm happy with all 29 of my multicolor purchases :lol:
  15. 29?? elle??? you're killing me... i wanna be u just for one day... may i ? :P