What a Predicament! Ladies, What to do?

  1. Alright, so I've been eying the HERITAGE STRIPE MULTI-FUNCTION TOTE in BLUE for a bit now... And I think it'll be perfect for school. :drool:

    However... I'm currently on a Shopping Ban until June 7! :wtf: I'm sticking to this ban because I really need to save up my money and to pay off a few binge purchases LOL. I am definitely not going to buy this anytime soon :sad:

    I'm worried that I won't be able to get one later on in June!
    Do you guys think there will still be stock? Or will I even be able to get it later on? How long does an item stay on the site anyways?

    Thanks for any help =)

  2. I think the item won't be available through the boutigues by June but I definetely think that you can still order it through JAX but to make sure, I'd call JAX now and ask them!
  3. buy it and continue the ban until july.
  4. I agree, buy it now.. go on longer ban.

    I love this bag BTW...I have it in brown
  5. Def buy it now. You don't want to be kicking yourself later!
  6. I am afraid this will be all gone by June but you may still have a chance on eBay but be careful on there, the bay is always my hope if I cant find it any where else. Good luck and bans stink...lol
  7. buy it and stick it in your closet with the tags still attached and keep the receipt, that way if you REALLY absolutely need the money you can still return it by June
    but if you REALLY did need it for school then give it a week before you cut off the tag!
  8. I like that idea - Then you can see if the outlets (or JAX) ever get it in at a lower prices between now and June.
  9. No outlets in BC :sad:
  10. Great idea!