What a nuisance.... Ever happened to anyone else?

  1. Someone bought my bag today and after hearing nothing from the buyer decided to do a quick goofbay check... Apparently today she has spent 53,000 pounds not $$. With a feedback score of under 20 and having purchased no high end items ever before I'm guessing she had an account takeover. Doubtful that she just decided to buy every Fendi & Chloe bag on eBay!
    It's just so frustrating as I know tomorrow my listing will vanish into thin air like it never existed. I'll have to request my fees back as by the way this is not is not done automatically. You don't get a credit on pictures either!
    The whole thing is just a big pain in the a**.
    I did call eBay and they are looking into it....
  2. sorry your having to waste you time with nonsense like that...
    sounds like eBay has just become a royal pain in the petunia!