western union help

  1. I've heard about it but never got in depth with it. What does western union REALLY DO? And are they safe?

    I have a buyer who wants to pay through western union but I have no idea how it works and if my personal info could be exposed.

  2. I would never pay with WU, but am always happy to accept it as there are no fees!
    The buyer should provide you with a transaction number and then you go to your nearest WU location with your ID the transaction number & their name & address and voila the money is there. You can either take a check or they will give you the cash. Your personal info will be safe all they need is your name. Also WU places are everywhere, my local supermarket has one.
    I would not accept one by mail or from anyone in Nigeria!
  3. Great thanks!

    I have a buyer from New york and i'm in Canada. I've always heard of western union but only associated it with China because they cannot get paypal.

    I offered other options of payment but for some reason she rather pays WU. Maybe because with money order's you can see their bank and some of their info.

    So basically WU will just call you saying that there is money for you? And you just pick it up, provide id and that's that? I don't need to tell the seller any of my information like address and like wired transfer info right?

    Just in case she tries to get information from me (so I know it's a scam) then I know that WU doesn't ask for personal info from me (like my address, bank info etc) so I won't give it to her.

  4. It's safe for seller but not for buyer. Ask your buyer to send you in your local currency so Western Union can't convert it to local currency. Their converter calculator pretty low for receiver.
  5. Some countries don't offer paypal and some buyers simply do not have a paypal account because they find it too risky. It may sound strange, but some people are worried about internet fraud & having their bank/CC details out there.
    I have taken 5 WU payments altogether mostly from Europe. When you sell an item all of your information is provided to them by eBay anyway so she should already have your name, etc. She does not need your bank information or anything like that. All I did was wait to hear from the buyer with the transaction number, WU does not call you. You can go to any WU office to collect the payment most supermarkets have a WU machine at the customer service desk! You just give the clerk the transaction number, the buyer's name & address & present your ID.
    I think the scams are the fake WU money orders that are mailed to you and sometimes hundreds of dollars over the item value.
    Like I said I have no problems accepting them as at least there won't be a charge back & no PP fees!
  6. AWesome! Thanks!

    Is there a way for the buyer to actually track to see that I got the money got there? because I don't want her to make a 'false transaction' and say she sent it but it's not there and give me bad feedback.
  7. I'm not sure, but you are the only one who can collect the payment.
    Keep us posted on how it goes!