Were you ever disappointed when you finally got your HG bag? And why?

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  1. A lot of conversation goes on here about HG bags...for newbies HG equals Holy Grail. But you ever lusted after your so called HG bag, then finally get it and end up not liking it after all?

    When I first started on the forum it was smack in the middle of the Sabrina craze, they were still in the boutiques. I fell in love with the Cranberry Sabrina, which was a pilot bag, after seeing all lovely pictures posted here. I tried for the better part of a year to snag a small one on ebay to no avail...they were all large or someone beat me to it. I did buy one on ebay and it was in poor condition so I sent it back. Think they used Coach leather cleaner on it and stripped the color and shine.

    In February a few Cranberry Sabrinas were showing up at the outlets....one my buds from my forum sub-thread told me and I called right away, put in on hold and left work to get it. I still have her in the dustbag NWT 8 months later. Dunno....just was not the color I thought it would be, something about it just did not click once I actually had it.

    How about you ladies? Anyone with a similar story?
  2. I found a large Plum Patent Sabrina at the outlet for $228(retail $698) but once I got her home I realized I kinda hate gold hardware on patent. I could have sold her on Ebay for more but I returned her to the outlet so someone else could get an amazing deal. Now Im on the hunt for Haileys and Audereys in as many colors as I can find.
  3. I have to say my HG was my Patent Leather Med. Spotlight! The leather peeled and I was so disappointed!It stopped me from buying any kind of leather..I just bought siggy after that.. Now I have finally taken some good advice here on TPF and purchased the Leather Sophia..It doesn't compare to the way I felt about my spotlight, but it is a much better leather and I love the smell, and feel more so...Now, I don't use the term HG..I either love a bag or I don't:smile:
  4. hmmm good question I got my black leather lilly and she felt lika a bag of bricks so I sold her...
  5. Hi,
    I thought my HG was the Embossed Croc Sydney. I saw some great reveals of her and knew I had to have her!!! I called up to my outlet and they had one! I drove like a mad woman (5pm in Rush Hour Traffic on a Tuesday ) I bought her and took her home only to try her on and walk around the house a few times. She was heavy even with barely anyhing in her. I ended up exchanging her for another bag. I know longer say that I have an HG bag because it seems Coach keeps bringing out more that I really want!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. While I love my Metallic Amethyst Audrey, I wish she was more purple.
  7. Funny you should ask this question, I was just thinking about it last night! Mine was my large berry patent Zoe. I wanted it for a long time and had never seen it in person. After finally getting it, I realized I didn't like the look of the antiqued brass hardware with the purple, it was enough to throw me off and I sold it.

    Great thread
  8. Yes, mine was a Signature Stripe Carryon. It had no structure, therefore making the turnlock pointless
  9. I don't know if I'd consider HG or not since it's not style specific but I've been waiting almost 2 years for Coach to come out with a purple I love in a style I liked and they finally got it right w my Madison large shoulder. I'd love the pleated version but at that price point it's never going to happen lol
  10. I think My HG is my Large Patent Plus Sabrina. I have new bags I have not used yet..I keep picking her each day. I am a purple lover and the smooshy leather is TDF. I wanna give her kisses and hold her tight.:love:
  11. I think I read the post wrong. I was never disappointed in my Plum Sabrina :smile: I guess I pick carefully because I seem to love the handbags I get. If I had to say one it would be the Op art Audrey. It was so boxy and the handles squeaked. It took me a long time to save up for her and I ended up taking her back.
  12. I remember going crazy for the Sabrina and Julianne. I got them both in the Op Art pattern. I loved them so much, I did not dare to use them. They just sat in their dustbags in the closet for a year. Then I decided to sell them, since I haven't used them.
  13. This is me as well. Loved how it looked but was way to heavy....I got it a new home where it can be loved.
  14. About a year ago, I found a studded Mia satchel and matching studded wallet (from Fall 2006 collection - way old!) on ebay and was SO excited. Got the bag for a great deal and then tracked down the wallet. The satchel was really cute but it didn't really pass the elbow test - that is, I couldn't really put it on my shoulder with one hand. It wouldn't "clear" my elbow.

    So I backtracked and sold it. Somehow found the same style in the large hobo version. Had that for a while and thought I was finally set. However, the wallet turned out to not really snap quite right when it had stuff in it. Also the wallet was slightly darker than the bag itself - really bizarre. It bugged me so badly that I just decided it wasn't for me and sold the whole set.
  15. I fell in love with the looks of the brown Maggie Ruby Hobo last year. I loved the mix of the leather and suede, but every time I saw it, I was concerned with the large size and never bought it. Then one day I saw both the black & brown versions at the outlet, and decided to buy them both, thinking I would try and get used to them. I put my things in them and tried them out around the house, and as I had thought they were way too heavy. After doing this a couple of times, I finally just knew in my heart that they were too heavy and wouldn't get used much. So first I took the black one back in exchange for another bag, then reluctantly I returned/exchanged the brown also. Still think about that brown one.