we're baacck!!!! pics...

  1. just got back from COACH using my pce...
  2. Lets See !!!!!!!!!
  3. Must see what is in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  4. Pics! Pics! Pics!
  5. dont mind the dishes in the sink...they can wait!!! lol
  6. who wants more???
  7. oh its a satchel or tote.... Heritage style :yahoo:
  8. :jammin:[​IMG]
  9. ooohh something heritage! can't wait to see!
  10. :graucho::love::yahoo:[​IMG]

    i got the satchel in brown with the butterfly keychain. someone else had the keychain on their heritage tote and it was so cute, i couldn't resist!
  11. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: congrat's.... wonderful bag. Are you going to load it up so we can see what it holds ?
  12. That satchel is so cute and I love the butterfly charm. :love:
    Is that new paper that Coach is wrapping their purses? I haven't seen that print before.
  13. very cute bag!!!
  14. sure...i have to find some batteries my camera JUST died. grrr. I planned it out last night, and couldn't wait to get this today! I had saved some christmas $$ and was glad I did...

  15. actually it is just a dish towel from target. i had to cover up the toaster oven...its bad enough you've all seen my dirty dishes! LOL :shame: