Went to Vegas...got some black mc (pics)


Jul 31, 2006
My husband and I just got back from Vegas. I went there intending to buy a black mc speedy. Like some of you, I'm picky about the color combo on the bag. I was hoping to find a speedy that had the bright blue, white and purple LV symbols on the outer edge of the bag.

We started at the Forum Shops...I asked to see the black mc speedys they had available...I was able to see 5. The SA that helped me told me that I would not be able to find the bag that I wanted anywhere. Basically telling me that I should just buy the bag from him and that the bag that I want doesn't exhist:nogood: I was nice and thanked the SA for his help. I knew the bag does exhist since I've seen many pictures on this board.

We went on a little walk to the store in Fashion Show. The SA was nice but was only able to find 2 bags for me to pick from....neither of them were what I was looking for. Off to Neiman Marcus. Other than the display the SA had one bag for me to see....THE bag! The right color combo...and the white LV symbols at the top!

The following day I decided that I wanted to get the black mc pti so we went back to the Forum Shops. As I was paying for my wallet, the same SA that said I wouldn't find the speedy I wanted approached me. "I see you found the speedy you were looking for." It was quite funny....my husband thought it was great lol! Don't tell me my bag doesn't exhist!

The following day I decided that I should get a wapity as well. All in all it was an awesome trip! Here are some pics of what I just bought and my collection.



Feb 4, 2006
United States
We are wapity twins!!! :nuts: I LOVE your new MC items! At lunch today I saw a young woman with a black MC that had a beautiful patina, and I immediately fell in love with her bag. Glad you held out for the perfect coloring!


Aug 13, 2007
Wow, great loot! I love Vegas ... well just for shopping and the shows.

Wonderful collection you got going there!


Dec 28, 2006
Gorgeous! I love the fact that you just wouldn't give in ~ you knew the bag was out there somewhere!