Went to the store today and got some spring treats!

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  1. Yup! I got the limited edition multicolor perfume and a great hamptons oblong scarf!!!:yahoo:

  2. I love that bottle and the scarf is TDF! Congrats!
  3. Love the bottle! How limited is it? :biggrin:
  4. The bottle is so pretty! :girlsigh:
  5. cute!
  6. That perfume is beautiful (I love, love, the box it comes with)! I love the violet color of that scarf as well, perfect way to start the spring season. They're gorgeous! Definitely a deliciously tasty spring treat!

    Edit: I have a question, how strong is the perfume's scent? If it is not too strong, I might consider buying one. I love the bottle and box so much I have to get it. But I'm afraid it might be too overwhelming for me.
  7. love it :tup:
  8. So pretty!
  9. Cute scarf, but I was distracted by the blue bag in the background. Did you buy something from Tiffanys???
  10. Love the bottle and the purple scarf!! Congrats!
  11. wow i love the box!
  12. you're going to laugh at me because i haven't a clue what it smells like...i can't smell...I have the most terrible sense of smell...i'm sorry :sad: i just got it for the bottle lol

    EDIT: I asked my godmother and she says it's not strong...she's really sensitive to strong perfumes and she liked it and it didn't bother her

    haha...i didn't notice that...yes, it's the Tiffany Lock Ring my bf bought me when we were in NY :love: I can't open it until my birthday in a week...eagle eye, but i guess the blue is unmistakable

  13. No worries, it's okay. I understand. Thank you!
  14. I have the perfume and I like wearing it in the evening. The scent doesn't seem overwhelming to me, but it does have a more floral smell than the other scents I wear. I tend lean more towards the clean and fruity scents.

    I would ask for a sample at the store or use a tester before ordering it to make sure you like it, because it can't be returned once it is opened. :yes:
  15. Ah, thank you so much. I will most definitely try it next weekend. I was curious about it since I needed a new perfume. I loved the Vera Wang Princess perfume since it was not overwhelming at all, although the smell seems to wear off in a few hours. :sad:

    So I needed a newer perfume that's not overwhelming, but great smell, and hopefully last a long time. I will most definitely sample it. Thank you again.