Went to LV yesterday to exchange my Saleya PM

  1. the zipper stuck I was so upset! :sad: UGH We have been having non stop rain here in Texas so I bought the Saleya so I wouldn't have to worry about vachetta so I began using it right away and the darn zipper stuck so irritating! So I had to trek back to the store to exchange. Of course couldn't leave empty handed :smile:
    So Picked this up!

  2. awww! thats too bad about your Saleya!!

    but i really LOVE the Damier Pochette!!

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. I love the pochette!! So adorable.
  4. Congrats!
  5. When i say empty handed I mean besides the exchanged Saleya of course LOL
  6. Love your pochette - congrats!
  7. Very cute! Congrats!
  8. Great choice! Especially for rainy TX weather!
  9. I agree. I'm in El Paso where it has been raining as well so I've been carrying my Damier Ebene Speedy 30.
    I love that pochette!
  10. sorry to hear the Saleya didn't work out for you....but hey, you picked up something new instead...congrats on the new item...
  11. good for you
  12. congrats! i love it!
  13. Cute!
  14. pretty! congrats!
  15. I got a new Saleya (exchange) and the pochette :tup: