Went shopping for first LV purchase & got extremely lucky! *PICS*

  1. So, a few days ago I posted a question about agendas, to be more on point, the small ring agenda in plum, from the Suhali line. Well, after calling the 1-866 number, I got the information that there was just one a few miles away! AND THAT IT WAS ONE OUT OF THE FOUR STILL LEFT IN THE COUNTRY. Needless to say, I reserved it, and drove over there as soon as possible! Now, to introduce my introduction pieces to LV! :girlsigh:

  2. open it!!!!!!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. WOWWW
    love the plum suhali :drool:

    congrats girl :party:
  6. So happy together! Louis Vuitton Vernis Key and Change Holder in Amarante & Louis Vuitton Suhali Small Ring Agenda in Plum. :love: ( Excuse the fingerprints and the Balenciaga sneaking in on the corner! )
  7. Thank you! I was so excited, the SA was even anxious for me!
  8. Congrats! They are beautiful!
  9. It's so beautiful! I love that colour so much :smile:
  10. such lovely colours! ;)
  11. excellent combo!
  12. WOW Those 2 together are HOT!!!!!
  13. Congrats, love them !! beautiful colors..:tup:
  14. LUV the plum LV!! Great choice! :tup:
  15. :drool: