Went in to order a mon mono but walked out with this


Nov 17, 2009
Some of you might think I'm crazy, but I had a change of heart today in the LV store. I have been wanting the zippy wallet in the mon monogram for so long now. I saved up enough money and went in to purchase but got cold feet. I don't know if it was because I would have to wait for so long, or just nerves - I can be wishy washy and change my mind a lot, so if I buy a mon monogram I'll never be able to sell it if I decide its not for me. Anyway, I went with this instead! I love it so much! Can't stop zipping it haha! Zippy wallet in Empriente in infini :hbeat:


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Aug 27, 2013
Fab choice! I have a mon mono saved online but really wanted a leather wallet this time round and the Emp leather is just fab. Talking of room I have all my card, usual nonsense you end up carrying in your wallet as well as coins, notes, a pen and I've even managed to have my phone in there when I have popped to the shops to pick something up quickly. I nearly used it like a clutch to a works night out knowing I didn't need much.

My only criticism would be the positioning of the zipper for the coins. If it's not flat against the zip it can catch the outer zipper and I just don't want it all scratched up. I'm sure in a good ten years time it will look a little worn so I shouldn't worry too much