Went Crazy and bought 2 Fendi Bags this week! Should I keep them?

  1. SO my birthday is on September 30 and in anticipation, I went bag crazy. I bought 2 Fendi bags. One is the Zucca Chef Bag with the pink trim and the other is a black traveler bag!

    Do you guys have any of these bags? How do you like them? Are they practical? I had a Fendi Baguette and that was just too small for me. So I hope these will be better. Should I keep these?
    chef.JPG Traveler.JPG
  2. I LOVE the Zucca Chef Bag! :love: Keep it!
  3. ^ i agree, it's very cute!
  4. They both look great but I really like the look of the black bag better.
  5. I like them both but if you want something more practical I would go with the black bag.
  6. I always loved the chef bag!
  7. I have the zucca chef bag and I love it--is great if you want to go from day to evening.
  8. I have the Zucca chef bag with pink trim and it is one of my favorite bags ever. It was my first soft structured bag, I think I bought it this past January. It holds so much, it goes with everything and it looks great. My leather trim is still perfect, it wears well. Not a mark on it. I am very happy with this bag. I really wanted the pink trim because pink is my favorite color. I used to only buy LV bags but I added this to my collection and feel it gets a lot of use.
  9. I think you should totally keep them... they are both very cute :yes: And they are also very elegant. Great choices. Congratulations! :flowers:
  10. Wow, I just love the Zucca Chef Bag!! It's gorgeous!! The other one is also nice-very classy. :yes:
  11. i prefer the 2nd One :smile: