Well,pixs of my 1st Azur....

  1. As u noe, ytd i posted up pixs of my Saleya MM Azur but was having some trouble deciding between this and a Azur Speedy 30... because the Saleya MM is toooo big for me so today I went down to the store and exchange for 2 pieces of Azur Speedy 30 wif my friend and she top up the balance...i'm in love with my 30 coz i finally own 1 in Azur.... yeah...:nuts:

    Oh yes, the SA who served us said that Azur might not be a perm line as they have not receive news yet, so it might be a limited season only... anyway, me & my friend are in luv with our 1st Azur ... :yahoo:

    Feast your eyes, fellows TPFS......
    Azur Speedy.jpg Close up.jpg 2 speedies.jpg
  2. congrats!:yahoo: lovely choice!:heart:
  3. Congratulations it is beautiful i love the speedy.
  4. i will never get tired of looking at azur pieces. congratulations!
  5. So pretty! congrats!
  6. gorgeous! it looks lovely!
  7. :p aww congrats! i love seeing your two speedies there together
  8. congrats! good choice!
  9. cute
  10. congrats!
  11. Love it! Congrats!!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Love it.
  14. yay congrats!!! i saw azur IRL today at the boutique and it was TDF!!!
  15. Congrats, it's gorgeous! You're lucky to be able to get one, here at my local LV there's a major waitinglist and I'd have to wait 6 weeks!!! :wtf: