Well, I am at 9,000!!

  1. This shouldn't be much of a shock, since I run this forum and all, but I am at 9,000 posts now!!! :yahoo:

    Just wanted to say thanks to you all for everything- without you these 9,000 posts would have been really boring and like talking to a wall!! :roflmfao:

    I am thinking when I hit 10k it is time for a big purchase... My bank account hopes I post these next 1,000 veeerrrrrryyyy s l o w yyy :shame:

    Thanks for everything everyone- I can truly say I have made some great friends here!!! :heart:
  2. wow I'll catch up with you maybe in 3 years. lol congrats!!!
  3. ^ Haha... no worries... Swanky and a few others have outdone me!! :roflmfao: They are truly magical posters :happydance:
  4. It will take me a looonnnnnnngggggggg time to get to 9,000! lol! But Congrats! This place rocks!
  5. Lol congrats!! I just barely passed 5k today :shame: :lol:
  6. Give me 4 months to catch up with you, Megs. :lol:

    Congrats!!!! Perhaps Vlad can try to catch up to 6-7k... maybe then you both can buy something for yourselves [something LV]? :idea:
  7. i think 9.000 deserves a little something too. :graucho:
  8. Considering this is my second posting(2 for 5 days averages to .4/day...........9000 posting will take me 22500 days.......little over 61 years) I'll be very very old when I achieve that milestone. congratulations!!!!!
  9. Congrats ! Cannot wait to see the big purchase!
  10. congrats! I have a lot to catch up on! post pics of ur new purchase!
  11. Congrats Megs...and I think you should get yourself something FAB when you hit 10k!!! Thanks for the forum!
  12. Go go Megs!! :yahoo: Pretty soon you'll hit 10K in no time! :nuts: I want to see your big purchase... :graucho:
  13. Holy guacamole megs, congrats! You'll be at 10K in no time, yeesh. And nice math mom ;).
  14. Yay Megs! Hope you get something purdy for yourself when you hit 10K :smile:
  15. Congrats Megs. You'll hit 10000 in no time, I'm sure.