Welcome my mini metallic Gaucho.

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  1. Hi everyone, I was on a bag ban but when I saw this little cutie at an upmarket designer reseller store for AU$499 I had to have her.

    I'm sure she will be cute for evenings out. Also included a pic with my black gaucho.

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  2. OMG its gorgeous!:nuts: and what a great deal!
    may i ask where this store is located?
  3. It is Melvin & Doyle in William St,Paddington, Sydney. They also had a LV shoe shine kit and a few other vintage bags & belts. They have lots of vintage fashion, some of it is out there but it is a cute little shop.
    The lady that sold me the bag said that they only sell on consignment to a few people and the lady that owned this mini gaucho sends them a lot of bags and doesn't have them for long so if you are in the area pop in from time to time.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Lovely bag, very nice color :yes:
  6. That's a great deal. The bag is gorgeous and I love the metallic color. Congrats!
  7. very nice!! congrats!
  8. great deal and a gorgeous bag ! :yahoo:green with envy now ! ;)
  9. yay! if i remember correctly, it's a birthday present for yourself right, suzie? congrats! it's adorable!

    :drinks: to you, my metallic gaucho twin! ;)
  10. Gergeous color and what a GREAT DEAL:woohoo:
  11. Good price and very pretty bag!
  12. Cute!!!
  13. oh my god it is TDF!!!!!!
  14. Thank you everyone for your kind words and yes zerodross, it was a birthday gift for myself (birthday yesterday). Do you use your metallic much, I haven't had a chance to use her yet. BTW, I have decided I don't want anymore birthdays, getting too old.

  15. aaaw come on hun birthdays are fun ! :yahoo:every girl should have like five in a year and get new bags for each of them ! the trick is to put the same number on the birthday cake each year or inform everyone that its your 18th AGAIN :yes: Happy birthday !