Weird UPS situation - has this happened to you

  1. I bought something on eBay and it was sent to me UPS. I was told I would have it on Friday. I checked the UPS website earlier in the week and it confirmed an estimated Friday delivery. I checked again this morning and at 6:10am my package was on a truck for delivery but was not delivered. I was told as it was scheduled till Friday delivery they sometimes hold the package for an extra day. If the package is on the truck and in my area I don't understand WHY!!!!!???
  2. It's frustrating, but it happens. I've waited at home all day before to not miss a delivery, only to track it online at the end of the day to find out delivery has been rescheduled. I hope it comes tomorrow for you!
  3. I guess it just depends how many parcels they have, don't forget that if they get stuck in traffic or get delayed then some parcels may be delayed......and after all it's only one day
  4. HI-

    My aunt works for UPS and when I complained one day she explained it. My situation was they left a note on my door that it was left at the leasing office (missed them by MINUTES), but then they left my property with the package and left it at the office later that day. WHY couldn't they drop it off while they were here? I called UPS and they said "maybe they are still delivering in your neighborhood", but I had already driven the complex (it isn't that big). They contacted the driver and they were bringing the package back that day after 4pm. The thing is I live one street from the dist. for FedEx and UPS in our area. It just kills me to wait for the package all day when I know it started around the corner.

    The drivers get detailed directions order for delivery, it even lists times when they should be at each location. They are not permitted to deviate or leave a package at a second location immediately if they will have guaranteed items on the truck or they are behind.

    If your package was listed for delivery on Friday and it got to the destination on Thursday, they will only deliver it after they deliver ALL other packages guaranteed for that day, EVEN if they are in the same neighborhood.

    HOWEVER, if you package was guaranteed by Friday and they didn't deliver it, you can actually get all shipping costs refunded.