Weird popup on one page only

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  1. This popup comes up on this page of the "Your LV in action" and only there.

    I took a screenshot. Sorry if it's too large, but I wanted Vlad to see all the details. Is it something on tpF? Or something on my computer? Why does is popup only on that page and nowhere else? I do use a popup blocker and Firefox.

  2. Huh...weird!
  3. I just checked out the webpage (typed it in) and I am also getting the same popup
  4. ^
    That is not technically a pop up is it?
  5. ^^I don't know what else to call it. To me: It pops up out of nowhere, ergo it must be a popup! :P
  6. A log-in prompt?
  7. The reason for this is that someone is hotlinking pictures from a protected directory in the domain. I'll have to go and delete the post within the thread.
  8. Yesss... what he said :amuse: