Weird buyer request buying my item urgently!

  1. I got a message from a buyer and wanting to buy my bag but only pay by bank transfer.
    It is reasonable requirement but her tone made me feel weird. Sorry it's a bit long!
    The message title is"m Very Urgent In buying Your Item!!!!!!!!!!!! "" Hello Seller,
    My Name is Mrs Susan Morgan from (UNITED KINGDOM) I am highly interested in buying your item for my Daughter who travel to Africa for a special Project,So i want you to know that i will be making the payment through Bank To Bank Transfer.
    So i want you to reply me back to my E-mail ID (***"

    My response was "
    Hi, Susan, due to it is a international deal, I'd prefer to use Western Union if it is fine for you.
    Western Union is very safe and super fast!!!
    let me know and we will get this done ASAP.
    Thank u!"

    And the reply I got from her is "
    Hello,Thanks for your Very happy to received your mail..I want you to know that am a honest woman and i always like to deal with an honest people,I want you to know that there is no Western Union in my city here,i want you to know that the payment can be made through Bank Transfer which is very safe and secure for this deal.So here is my daughter address:- I want you to tell me the shipping cost through FedEx/DHL

    Name:- ** Morgan
    Address:- 6 Kabiawu Street Mokola
    City:- Ibadan
    State:- Oyo State
    Country:- Nigeria
    Tel:- 23402

    I will be waiting to read from you fast.


    I told her again that she should check again if there is any western union, because it is pretty widely spread.
    Do you guys find this woman is weird? is she trying to get my account information and address to do something???

  2. I think you ought to wait until Friday and call your bank and see if that sounds legit. I wouldn't give out any bank info to a stranger. Maybe your bank can handle it, bank to bank or something. It seems a teeny bit odd to me.
  3. Sounds like a scam to me. Be careful...
  4. I've heard of UK/Nigerian scams like this. I wouldn't get involved in this deal, especially with a bank wire transfer, it sounds way too risky to me.
    From what I've also heard, you'll send your item out, they claim they never received it and you're out both your money and then the buyer just disappears.
  5. I wouldn't do it, sounds like a scam.
  6. yep, definitely sounds like a scam
  7. Sounds like a scam to me too. I'd never give out my bank info.
  8. This is a well known scam! Don't fall for it!
  9. no way dont do it.
  10. Dang - No Offense to any potential tPF Nigerians personally but...

    I see Nigeria in an email and it = SCAM in my book...:sad:
    I know you closet Judge Judy watchers know what is going on here :roflmfao:
  11. Thanks for all ur response!
    I just told her my name and city& country name for her to wire through western union~

    I will talk to my bank tomorrow~

    Thanks for u guys again!!~~~:heart:
  12. god, as soon as i hear the word "nigeria" i clench. i would agree that its a scam.
    you didn't give her any other details did you?
  13. There is a warning, I believe it is on paypal, to be leary of anyone who "needs" your item urgently.....I think it is a scam

  14. She is lying to you!!!

    In the Uk western union is in every town in more than one place. Anywhere that sells foreign currency- so on the high street all our travel agents are agents of the wester union and also cash a cheque shops have them!
  15. OH MY GOSH.. NIGERIA... :death: dont' fall for that crap! sorry.. lots of SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!