Weight of MJ bags..NO CHITCHAT PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. I thought it'd be useful information to have a thread on the different weight for different bags. Personally, weight is an issue for me as I like my bags to be practical so, let's share info on the weight of the MJ bags that you have! :yes: Kindly include style and year if possible.

    New Stella = 2.5lbs
  2. Ines appears to be a tad over 2 lbs.!! Empty that is!!
  3. Here are the approximate weights of the items in my collection:

    Small Multipocket with gold hardware (Suede interior) -- 1lb 11.3oz

    Large Multipocket with silver hardware (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 13oz

    Blake with gold hardware (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 13.6oz

    Blake with silver hardware (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 14.3oz

    Venetia with gold hardware (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 13.2oz

    Venetia with silver hardware (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 16oz

    Sophia with pushlocks (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 2.2oz

    Stella with pushlocks (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 14.4oz

    Stella with pushlocks (Suede interior) -- 3lbs .35oz

    Christy (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 2.6oz

    Deborah (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 4.85oz

    Lola (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 3oz with umbrella
    Lola (Suede interior) -- 1lb 9.65oz without umbrella

    Selma (Suede interior) -- 1lb 13.35oz

    Quilted Elise (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 7.1oz

    Saloni (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 4.3oz

    Hudson (Canvas and leather interior) -- 3lbs 1.80oz

    Seventies Satchel (Canvas interior) -- 3lbs 2.15oz with chain
    Seventies Satchel (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 2.75oz without chain

    Mayfair (Canvas interior) -- 1lb 10.2oz

    E/W Mixed Quilted Tote (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 14.3oz

    Stam with icy leather (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 13oz with chain
    Stam with icy leather (Suede interior) -- 2lbs 1.1oz without chain

    The Kid (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 6oz with chain
    The Kid (Canvas interior) -- 1lb 9.9oz without chain

    Quilted Little Stam (Canvas interior) -- 1lb 11.4oz

    Patchwork Little Stam (Canvas interior) -- 1lb 7.45oz

    Patchwork Ines (Canvas interior) -- 2lbs 4.6oz

    Patchwork Camilla (Canvas interior) -- 1lb 1.5oz

    Soft Calf Zip Clutch (Suede interior) -- 9.6oz

    Soft Calf Zip Clutch (Canvas interior) -- 8.85oz

    Travel Clutch (Suede interior) -- 1lb .4oz

    Spring 2007 Flat Clutch (Canvas interior) -- 2.8oz

    Resort 2007 Flat Clutch (Canvas interior) -- 5.0oz
  4. Venetia with silver hardware (canvas lining) - 2 lbs. 11.2 oz.
  5. small mp with suede - approx. 2 lbs
    stella - approx 2 1/2 lbs
  6. Hi Melly,

    Is this the weight of the newer leather stam (supposed to be lighter now than previous seasons?) or previous seasons?

    (Sorry if this is a stupid q!) :shrugs: