Weekender/ Monogram Pulp

  1. Anybody got her Weekender bags yet? :confused1: Any pics?
  2. I got a sneaky peak at the pm yesterday it's cute but i'm not getting it can't wait to see soon pics pop up soon
  3. Can't wait to see these bags!
  4. Which colour is nicer, the yellow or red? What do you think?
  5. i think the red would have an edge to it..and would look against any color of clothing!
  6. ^Yea, I think I'd prefer the red!
  7. the pictures suck in that eBay auction but i do love the interior :smile:
  8. Saw the bag in person Friday, much prettier than the picture. They only had the blue/yellow version out...but think I would prefer the red.
  9. I saw the GM in yellow....I had originally thought I wanted it in the PM size...in all honesty, it felt (to me) like a giant plastic-coated bag, and I imagine that the PM would feel the same way, only smaller.....I then decided that I couldn't see myself toting around what felt like an oversized plastic cosmetic case, and I mean no offense to anyone who loves this bag, but that's just how it felt to me....kinda left the boutique with that "blah" feeling, but now I can focus on some other bag on my list....Oh, and the color yellow is NOT a pale yellow like in the photos in the reference summary, it really truly is the color of MUSTARD !!
  10. So thats the weekender... hmmm,,,
  11. ^^^^^^

    BUMMER !!!
    I was soooo hoping it was a very light to pale yellow....
    I guess i have to see it in person !!
  12. I had my heart set on this bag, but after looking at the pictures in that auction, I'm not sure if I like how the pieces of material are aligned either side of the zip as they're not symmetrical, and also the monogram on the underside im guess (last 2 pictures).

  13. Colour of mustard? Isn't it almost orange? Oh dear... I hope my SA would allow me to change my choice to rose/pink.
  14. I've always wanted the yellow to be a strong mustard yellow instead of a blah pale yellow. More like the pic here
    So I kept bugging the SAs for assurance that it is a thick acrylic yellow rather than a washed out watercolour :p.