Weekend/short trip LVs?

  1. My BF and I are planning a 2-week-vacation at the end of August. I will take my usual suitcase (:yucky:) and would like so much to take a LV bag with me. It has to be bigger than, say, a large noe or a speedy 30, because it will need to hold stuff on our way back :graucho:, but I don't want a genuine luggage piece that I can't use on any other occasions.

    So it would have to be versatile, maybe even do double duty as a large city bag or weekend trip bag from time to time.

    I was thinking about the Deauville, but I'm not sure about its size (if it would be big enough)...

    Do any of you have any ideas? I'm really stuck here:shame: Thank you fellow PFers!:flowers:;)
  2. The deaville has pockets in it, but the size IMO is smaller than the Speedy 30 because that is an open cavity.

    Maybe a backpack?
  3. Hi elongreach! Thanks for the size heads up. ;)I have to confess I hate backpacks :noworry:
  4. Hmmm the only thing that comes to my mind is the large Alma....but that one might be to big to sport around every day
  5. That's a good one. I would recommend a keep all, but you don't want something that large.
  6. How about a speedy 35? Too big for the city? Does it sag too much?
  7. Sagging is a part of Speedy ownership. However, that is one of the clear signs it's a real Speedy. The 35 would definitely hold a lot of stuff for you and it is not so large as to make you feel like you are carrying luggage. But it depends on your comfort level and some people say your height.
  8. Well I'm not that tall, I'm 5'5 (that's 1.66 m)... :shame: would that be tall enough you think? What did you mean by comfort level? :blink:

    I'm usually a shoulder bag kind of gal, but for heavier lifting I prefer holding something in my hands so it could be ok. :yes:

    I like the damier speedy but they don't make it in the 35 :cry:. So it would have to be a mono speedy or epi... hmm.

    More than half of my bags are epi, because I like it less "obvious", I feel self-conscious sometimes in my environment. I know I shouldn't... because I like the Mono! :yes:

    A speedy 40 would probably be too big... does anyone have pics carrying a 35 or a 40?
  9. Is there such thing as a speedy 40? I thought there was a keepall 40, but I've never seen a speedy 40.

    If you really like mono, get it! You should be proud of your bag that you spent all this money on. I have a 30, so it would be nice to see a 35. Are you going to go to LV and look at the bags before you go away?
  10. What about cabas Mezzo, Nolita 24 hr ?
  11. Yes there is a speedy 40 - in mono at least, you can check it out on vuitton.com. The keepalls start at 45, I think. The two leather straps may make the keepall less saggy, but it's clearly a luggage bag, which I don't want:biggrin:

    Yes I will check them out in the boutique before we go away, I just want to get in there with a clear idea in my head. I don't want to drive my poor SA crazy :rolleyes:

    The cabas mezzo has a great size, I will definitely check it out too, thanks bagsnbags! I've found the Nolita only in damier... but it looks versatile and gorgeous!

    This is going to be a hard choice :yes:
  12. hey south of france

    i suggest the alma voyage!
  13. Hi Sophia! Thank you, that is one huge bag!:biggrin: It would be perfect to hold lots of stuff :yes:
    I think it might be too big for city life though, at least for my frame :huh: I 'm just really picky I know... Always looking for the (next) perfect bag :shame:
  14. I second the suggestion for the cabas mezzo. It's big enough to hold a lot yet doesn't really look like luggage.
  15. Another one for the Alma Voyage, I really like the extra edging on it.