Wedding shoe help!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!! I was hoping you lovely ladies (and gents!) might be able to help me with a lil' dilemma... :confused1:

    I'm on the hunt for wedding shoes :heart:, with a couple challenges to the situation:
    1) My dress is not white, so it's a challenging color to match; and
    2) I have difficult feet... wide feet + very narrow heel (so no pumps--my heel always comes out of them and i trip).

    Here is what my ideal shoe would be:
    *strapped-in and secure over the top of the foot or ankle.

    Here is my dress :tender::
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Any suggestions??? :sos: (does not have to be CL--I am open to ANYthing at this point!)
  2. Ok, it sounds like you want a.... bootie??? :thinking:

    Hmm..... No pumps... Can you do a slingback?
  3. Hi Jenay! Hmm, I feel like a bootie wouldn't be formal enough. My heel usually falls out of slingbacks too.

    I know this is a tough one! :thinking:
  4. Hi Tampura & thank you! Those CL's are gorgeous and the color is dead-on!!! But alas, I think you're right and the ankle strap doesn't seem so secure. Fooey! :shame:
  5. I like these, and dangit I love YSL!! :P

    Yes, I suggest trying on the Canon as I think it would be just what you are looking for! Congrats on your big day! :love:
  6. Aww, thanks Jenay! :drinkup:
  7. Oh & also... If anyone knows of somewhere that can make a fantastic custom shoe as well, pretty-please let me know!! That may be a fitting solution for my unfriendly-feet too :angel:
  8. ^^ How much are you looking to spend? CL does SO's... :graucho:
  9. Uh-oh!!! :tispy:

    I'm not sure really... I never thought the shoes would run more than about $1500 or so? But if there really is nothing else... :devil:

    Any idea how much they run & how long they take?