wedding in july...what to wear?!?!?

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  1. Hey all!!! I have a wedding in July and i have NO idea what to wear :confused1: Its my boyfriends best friend so i want to look nice! any help would be great!!!!! thanks!!!
  2. do i wear something long or something short also!!
  3. I think what you wear depends on the type of wedding. Do you know what time the wedding is? The reception? Is there a sit-down dinner? Unless it is a very formal wedding, a short dress should do fine.
  4. Katheryn's right. More information is needed, please. :smile:

    Macys, J Crew, Bloomingdales, Ann Taylor etc - you should be able to find dresses that will do fine for a wedding.
  5. i'm also attending a wedding in july, however the bride made a request for the guest to wear either black or white-- so i'll probably wear a black dress!

    it all depends on the time of the wedding and reception, if it's held during the evening then i think you should wear something a bit fancy and if it's during the day time then a less fancy dress! whatever you wear you're going to look great!
  6. Whatever you do, don't wear a white dress!

    Maybe a strapless dress in cotton with an A-line? Something J Crew-y?
  7. When/where is the wedding??

    My cousin is getting married in Aug and I'm wearing a bright little Nanette Lepore dress.
  8. Black or white only? That's boring :sad:. Oh well, you can do great with black! I just wore a light green development dress to a wedding. Development has some really cute ones. If you're going with black, I'd stay with short dresses.
  9. What you should wear depends on what time of day the wedding is, where the wedding is, etc. For example, don't wear black to a daytime wedding. If it's a religious wedding, don't wear anything strapless or spaghetti-strapped unless you also have a wrap to cover your shoulders while you're in church.
  10. ok the wedding is at 2pm and the reception is at 5pm!!

    i just dont wanna under-dress or even be over-dressed!
  11. Okay, it is an afternoon wedding. Any cute, short dress will do (unless the invitation specifies otherwise). I wouldn't go with black for a daytime wedding. Also, no white! Red is also a no-no in some circles because it is so attention grabbing. I am going to a June wedding with the same times as the wedding you are going to, and I plan to wear a strapless knee-length dress with either some sort of print or a summery solid color. I will definitely bring a wrap to cover my shoulders while in the church. Depending on the dress, I'll wear peep-toe heels or sandals. I hope you have a great time!
  12. thank so much!!! i think im just gonna go to the mall and shop around and see what i can find!!!

    hope you have fun at your wedding too!!!