Wedding dress help!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, here is my fiance and I are going to get married, just the two of us, in Hawaii next year. So, essentially, we are eloping, but everyone we know has been aware that we prefer to marry privately, but are planning on throwing a fun party once we come back.

    I am just starting to look around for some wedding "dresses" - I would prefer to wear something that is tea-length and relatively easy to pack away since we are flying out there. I've actually become interested in some bridesmaids gowns because there are a few that strike me as being perfect!

    I've actually tried on this Melissa Sweet bridesmaid dress:


    It was really pretty in person, and very cost-effective, but I didn't get that "feeling" that it was "THE" dress.

    I also tried on a Watters wedding dress, link below, and I feel in LOVE with it, but not the price tag: (if the link doesn't work, it's style 9047B)

    My co-worker sent this suggestion to me (link below), and I've made an appointment to try it on:

    So, what I am basically trying to say, is that I would love it if people could offer some suggestions? I find this process to be overwhelming and would appreciate suggestions that resemble some of the dresses that I've posted about. I am open to spending $$$ on it, but want to be resonable as well, knowing that it's just going to be my FI and myself. At the same time, I do want to feel special.

  2. even if its just a private should never settle for just a so so dress, IMO.

    its your should get the one you really really like....your wedding picture always there to remind you....what you feel on that very special day:smile:

    i agree with a knee length or something in floor lenght that you can also use on your after wedding fun party.

    with the photo you posted....try monique lhuillier.

    good luck!:smile:
  3. I was a Watter's bride and love their dresses! But I bought mine online (not sure if I can post it here), if you want more info, please PM me. I saved $500 off retail.
  4. Wearing a tea-length white dress is a perfect idea! You can still feel like the bride without seeming too princessy. I, too, want to elope... don't think I could deal with the spotlight of a big wedding!

    I like the Watter's dress best. So pretty. Congrats again!
  5. Oh wow I really like the Nicole Miller, It's so sexy and pretty. I kinda like the one from watters too, but the lace in it looks a little stiff and like it would itch :s. The length of these dresses is great, they are so cute and fresh, great for summer :smile:!!

    I also looked up some dresses at Net-A-Porter and i think these are pretty
    Chloe 450€

    Temperley London 1384€
    I don't know if it's such a 'weddingey' dress, but i still like it :smile:

    Philip Lim 1366€

    Michael Kors 1526€
  6. I tried on this dress and LOVED it, but I went with a floor length gown instead! (It's an Alfred Angelo, from their Destiny Collection)
  7. I really wish I know J Crew made wedding and bridesmaid dresses when I got married. Most are nicely made, simple dresses out of silk for $500 and less. Most bridal gowns for $500 are polyester; not silk. They are on their website.

    Ann Taylor recently started making wedding dresses and you can get them online on their website. Still most are polyester.

    Jessica McClintock had some really nice ones are very reasonable prices. Well made for the money. I think most designs are under $300 or so. I found a couple of really nice ones for a small wedding when I got married. She has an outlet store in Orange County if you are in southern CA. She designs both formal princess-style gowns and more informal tea length dresses that would be great for a beach or park wedding. She also does other formal wear if you have a wedding party.
    it has some tea-length more destination looking dresses under the destint collection.
    The watters dress above is really pretty!
    Have you looked on the knot? I think they have pictures of dresses from lots of designers.
    Good luck shopping for your dress!
  9. ive just read....isaac mizrahi launched wedding dress for target (available only online) for $99. the dresses are modern contemporary but very feminine:smile:

    imo, i love fresh flowers for hair piece....its more natural and classy. my weding is not the one i exactly dreamed about....but my total look ( i love my wedding pics) compensates for the rest, 7 mos on the way and all:P

    good luck for finding the dress:smile:
  10. I love Alfred Angelo's designs! Will your wedding be on the beach? I like the Nicole Miller dress best out of your links. I think it would look beautiful with a simple shawl.