Website showing old LV ads?

  1. Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance!
  2. 1928vuittonad.jpg
  3. bigVoyageBiblioteque.jpg bigTravellingStyle.jpg
  4. that one is great! I remember seeing the ones with Uma in the black dress in the magazines when it first came out. I love the one withthe bag next to her head and her arms aroung it.
  5. Oh my god, thanks Irene :heart:

    What a great site :love:
  6. Any time, ladies!:smile:
  7. Yes, Ellipse PM is a STUNNING bag!!!:love:
  8. those old ads were gorgeous and very creative

    whats up with the ads now?!? the kate moss one for fall 2006 looks a lot like the jennifer lopez one where she is thrusting 1 or 2 bags (i dont remember) in the air
  9. gemma ward= :heart:3
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