Web Site Not Working???

  1. Hi.
    Does anyone know why the website isn't working? :sad: Or is it just me??
  2. what website?
  3. Sorry...the chanel website..:p
  4. ... it's loading the menu page, but nothing happens when i click on the fashion/eyewear/fragrance-beauty and watches links!
  5. sometimes it doesnt work for me either. if you log in under a different country (and click english) it comes up
  6. That is not a use friendly website, can't they do better than that?
  7. Totally agree the Chanel website suxs. Once the pics come in, those little dumb left hand lines with the preview pics are a mess. Then once you get them enlarged, trying to enlarge what you want to see with ease. Chanel, if you're reading the forum, get a new web guru -- spend some $$ that you've made with the price hikes and fix that dinosaur.