Wearing Scarves & Time of Day

  1. Should wearing of scarves be reserved for day time only? It may sound like a silly question, but scarves are not a hot fashion accessory for most women here, and so it's hard to judge.

    I find that this question is as silly as asking you, should I have poached eggs for dinner :sweatdrop: :lol:
  2. I wear them any time, anywhere..................

    I just loves scarves, period!
  3. ^same here.

    Hmmm ... but you have humidity to deal with, maybe you want to wear them at night when it's a lot cooler for you? During the summer days, I usually wear polos, so tie my scarves around the collar instead of right next to my neck.
  4. When it gets hot I wear them as belts or tie them on to my bag. Sometimes I tie them around my ponytail.
  5. HG, me too!
    love 'em, any time, any where, in any way!
  6. Scarves... eggs... any time is fine for either!:yes: I love, love, love H scarves!
  7. Oh I'm really curious as to how that looks! A lot of my summer wardrobe consists of brightly colored polos, and I was wondering how I could work twillys and such into my outfit then! I discovered last night that they look pretty good in my hair, but I didn't know how they would look matched with a polo :yes:
  8. I wear them any time of the day, except when I am in my pajamas.....
  9. Neeya,

    They can look great with a polo or a t-shirt. I wear wonderful old scarves with plain Target t-shirts all the time and get lots of compliments.

    You can go to the hermes website and look through playtime with your scarf. They'll also give you the same info in a small orange book at the H boutique or at NM when you buy a full size scarf. There are ways to tie that can make them look dressy or casual, whichever you prefer. Tying them like a man's tie can look pretty casual, I've found.
  10. Great to know that there is no fashion mistake to wear scarves at night ... thought I better check. :shame: Thank you, HG.

    AirMess, so long as I zip out of the house, into the car and straight to whereever indoor, airconditioned places, I would be alright with a scarf around my neck. I shall attempt to play with scarf over a polo shirt .... but would I land up looking like a Girl Guide :wtf: :push: ?
  11. I have been playing with my full length scarf and have had a problem not ending up looking like a girl guide ( an extremely vintage one!)..... I have taken to tying the ends toghether and then wrapping it around my neck twice (like a necklace) which seems to work for me.
  12. ^Haha ... don't worry, not going to look like girl guides. Here is a slip knot from Brooks Brothers:
    Brooks Brothers | Elegant Scarf Knots | Slip Knot
    credit to Hello for this one.

    Or I simply tie 2 knots. Thirdly, I have an old scarf tying booklet almost 10 years ago, I will fold the scarf lengthwise and tie a knot at the end and slip the other end through the loose knot and tighten it as necessarily. Hope that helps.
  13. As near as I can tell, the BB slip knot is essentially tied like a men's four-in-hand. That and the ring are great knots to wear with polo shirts or t-shirts.

    I've never had a "girl-guide" feeling wearing scarfs with casual shirts like polos or t-shirts. :p
  14. ^when it's not warm, my favorite is actually the ascot tie, it works with a dress shirt and polos and collars of any kind:

    How to Tie an Ascot

    Gosh, Gga, I feel as if I'm hijacking the purse forum just talking about scarves ;)

    ETA: actually our 35" scarves was first worn by men, and is still sold in men's specialty stores as neckerchiefs, also 35" in size
  15. I hear ya, AirMess!