Wear and tear of fabric...

  1. Hello all you Gucci experts.

    I am thinking about purchasing my first Gucci bag, and I have fallen completely in love with the Chain hobo horsebit in black fabric.

    But I would like to know how the fabric behaves...
    It doesn't seem very durable... I would think that wear, like in the corners/bottom, will show fast.
    Am I right or am I worrying over nothing?
    If it wears fast, is there any way to protect the fabric i.e. spray etc.

    Please help :s
  2. I dont put anything on any of my Gucci bags!

    My one bag which I chuck over the pushchair ever morning for the school run has some rubbing on the fabric but its 6yrs old!

    They are very durable I think!
  3. same here....i don't put anything on any of my Gucci bags and so far they are all still holding up very well. :smile:
  4. i have a jolicoeur large tote and one corner frayed after 4-5 months...and i had to pay for repairs..because the manager said it was normal wear and tear...but i have no problems with my other gucci bags with leather corners or the gucci plus coated canvas
  5. like all of the above, the canvas is very nice and durable. I never seen any pulling or fuzzyness on the materials at all.
  6. I have the same bag and the same thing has happened. How much was the repairs? And how did they repair the fabric?
  7. Thanks a lot for your comments.
    Lovely to know that I don't have to worry...
  8. i had a brown chain hobo that showed wear and tear after a little more than a year of CONSTANT abuse (im talking about walks in the rain throwing it everywhere, keeping it in the trunk of my car..in az with heats of more than 110!)

    but i took it to my gucci store and they said they would repair it for free since it was just a little bit over a year, and when they couldnt repair it they just gave me credit for a new one! :smile: