we should do something about this!!

  1. Oh no... not again! I remember a few months back when a few other tPF'ers pics were stolen from this site, including mine!! :crybaby: :cursing:

    'Tis why it's best to watermark your pics. :yes:
  2. Oh nooo! How can we stop this?
  3. the photostreams are just showing collector's LV pieces? they are not sales site right. I have no idea what is that site for, but it doesnt seems like an auction site.
  4. Is the writer a member of tPF?
  5. ^^^ Dunno... but if they are, they should have asked to use the pics first.
  6. oh this is unbelievable!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    can we do something about it?
  7. I actually saw this yesterday and thoughtthe pics looked really familiar....

  8. That's creepy. I wouldn't want someone stealing my pictures!!!!
  9. Is this Babydoll Chanel a member here?:wtf:
  10. What is the site about anyway?

  11. Excuse me???
  12. I understand Chinese .. this is not an auction site !! They are just simpily amazed by the collections of the fellow TPFers... and calls those pics "The Ultimate Collection of the Ultimate LV Fans"