Ways to wear Pashmina

  1. I know it's almost summer and everyone is probably in their tank tops and shorts, but the reason I'm asking this question is that my office has air conditioning fully blasting in my room and it can get quite chilly at times! I often need an extra sweater or something to keep myself warm. I saw some girls wearing pashmina before and it looks both functional and cute!
    Please show me some ways to wear pashmina and look good at the same time. It looks complicated to get the pashmina wrapped up properly.
    thanks in advance!
  2. i love pashminas. i wish i had more...actually right now i don't have ANY, but i'm buying one this month for a wedding, and maybe one next month so i have one in a color besides black.

    whenever i've played with them in the store hemming and hawing over whether it would work with my style, i always do it as a full wrap (second picture in the first link), the stylish wrap (second to last in second link) or i guess it would be a reverse full wrap with the knot in the back. put the wrap over your shoulders, the ends under your arms and then knot it in the middle of your back. i can't find any pictures though. :\

    the reverse one is my favorite style because then you can still see your cute shirt/dress/etc. :smile:
  3. I war mine like this
    [​IMG] when i'm chilly,
    and of course during the winter months like this [​IMG]

    I just love mine its so warm... I'd like to get a few more this year.
  4. I love pashminas and shawls! I usually wrap it around my neck, it makes me feel protected.
  5. I usually choose them in flattering colors and simply wear them hanging down ("à la" Nicole richie when she wears her Alexander Nc Queen skull scarf).

    Or casually turned two times around the neck. I like to have it informal so the fabric is free to float!
  6. where are you going to buy yours from? I saw some on ebay that starts at 99 cents and I saw some on my local high-end department stores that sell for $395CAD! Any specific brands or made or country of origin would anyone recommand? thanks
  7. If its a deal too good to be true, its likely to be a pashmina made out of acrylic. It's basically understood on Ebay that even though some sellers market their pashminas as 100% cashmere, unless they're pricing it accordingly, it's acrylic.
  8. I've purchased mine from an ebay seller for my wedding, she was recommended to me on theknot.com. Her prices are reasonable and they're 70% cashmere and 30% silk which is still warm and pretty durable. Seller's name is zenjen.
  9. is it really long and wide? i really want one like that
  10. i like the ones at Nordstrom best. they're 100% cashmere, a nice weight and fab color selection. they usually run for about 100 dollars, but sometimes they go on sale for 40 or 50. i've been holding out for a style without fringe, but i haven't see one anywhere...not Saks, not boutiques, not Nordstrom and i don't do ebay or online shopping if i can help it. i prefer to see, try on and feel things before i buy them. i'm a very tactile shopper. plus like having things in my hands if i spend money on it.

    i'm about to give up and just get one of Nordstrom ones. we'll see.
  11. thanks! do ppl find it better with or without fringes??
  12. I prefer w/o fringe.
  13. as do i
  14. I have a few, I purchase bright colors, that will go with everything.

    Do you think they will ever go out of style???