way to see what time a counteroffer was sent?

  1. i made an offer on an item today.

    i recieved a counteroffer from the seller, and replied with my own counter offer.

    i am just about positive i erased both the eBay confirmation of my first offer, as well as the seller's counteroffer earlier before i went out.

    now i have an offer in my messages, but it's for the same amount as the first price the seller came back at me with.

    a) could be this is just their final offer (it IS lower than the BIN).
    b) i somehow did not erase it, and the seller hasn't responded with the next offer (if there is one).

    is there any way on the message to check the time? i've poked around and there only seems to be a time for when the auction expires, as well as when the offer expires.

    thanks, girls!

  2. no one?
  3. are they in your messages on eBay?
    They should be there and in youe e-mail box. . . not sure which one{s} you deleted{?}
  4. i deleted the ones in my messages.

    i checked my email times, and sure enough they just kept the counteroffer the same, so i have to decide whether to take it or not. lame-o...i was hoping for a better price, but i'm still getting a great deal. i'll sleep on it and see...

    thanks, swanky!
  5. Check your sent messages. Your counter may be there. Good Luck.
  6. yes, i had done that.

    i only have ONE OFFER in my correspondence though, so maybe since it was the weekend, they haven't checked their mail to come back with a counteroffer? i have six hours to see...if it gets down to it and they don't respond, i'll just have to take the price they gave, i suppose.

    thanks, again.
  7. Maybe check the actual page that the auction is on??