Wave Hobo - question about hardware

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  1. hey experts,
    just so you know what style i'm talking about, here's the link:

    i was choosing between the wave hobo and the large horsebit hobo with white trim, but i loved the size of the wave and the hardware. the wave is a good inbetween size when comparing the medium horsebit and the large one.

    But my only issue is that i've noticed that b/c the hardware is larger on the wave hobo handle, the bag becomes handle heavy and the top falls when not in use and is more prone to scratching. so what i've been doing is laying the bag flat on its side when i'm not using it.

    i keep going back and forth between getting the horsebit in the white trim versus keeping the wave hobo b/c i don't want to worry all the time. But on the other hand, the bag is hot and the hardware really makes it more so. i just don't want my hardware all crazy scratched up.

    has anyone else noticed this with their wave hobo?

    the hardware looks like the one on this boston bag,
    what do you think i should do?
  2. Sorry - can´t help you - but thanks for the pic :yahoo:- so I as newbie - knows what you are taking about - I would hope other would do the same as you - when they are asking about gucci bags :yes: :yes:
  3. I have not notice it with my wave hobo, but I tend to rotate my purses a lot so I have not really carried it that much. When I'm not carrying the bag I stuff it with tissue and sit it upright in the dust bag to prevent it from scratching.
  4. thanks QA and law1005 for replying. i'm still on the fence whether to exchange it for the horsebit hobo. i just love that the wave is not as big as the large horsebit. it just the hardware scratching issue and not sitting upright.:s
  5. Hmmm... in my experience, if you are ALREADY annoyed by something about your bag, you will just grow MORE annoyed as time passes... I know we think we'll "get used to it" but to be honest I'm the type of person that will just be annoyed by it. For example, I bought a prada in a consignment shop that was a good price (less than half of retail) but it had a tiny flaw that wasn't a huge deal but you could defintiely see if it was pointed out.

    Where is the prada right now, you ask? Still in the dustbag in my closest, unworn. I know it's silly, but I haven't worn it yet (I will, I think, but it's been over a month!). Anyway, that's just my take. They're both awesome bags, two of my favorites from any designer, so I don't think you can go wrong either way.

    Long story over. :smile:
  6. for the wave hobo owners, does the strap hurt after awhile due to the hardware? i find that when i'm wearing padded clothing (i.e. hoodie), then i don't notice, but if it's a thin shirt, my shoulder feels a little sore after carrying the hobo. i think it's because of the thick hardware sitting right on top of the shoulder. i worry about the summertime, when i'd like to get more use of it and i'll be wearing tanks. thx.
  7. The strap doesn't hurt me, but I did use to get annoyed with the bag because the hardware would squeak a lot. But I do think that the purse can get quite heavy sometimes, I'm not sure if its because I tend to carry a lot of things in my purse or if it is a combination of both (all the hardware at the top that adds extra weight to the purse.)
  8. ^^
    I think it's a combination of both. My shoulder tends to hurt after I've carried it for awhile.
  9. I have the creole bag where the strap is also heavy with hardware. The bag does sit on its side when not in use. I haven't notice it being scratched but it takes a bit used to because of its handle/top heavy nature.

    I'd imagine the hardware on the sides of a bag to get scratched more easily than on the handle when you are carrying the bag.
  10. my friend went to europe and brought the wave hobo in black fabric. i contacted the gucci website personal shopper and they said its unavalible in the states . how could i order one from europe? anyone knows?
  11. I just bought the wave w/ white trim earlier this week & I love it....! I think you should keep it, just be careful ;)